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Breathe It In Series Cartridges

Broadspectrum .5ml Cartridge

Broadspectrum Pineapple .5ml Cartridge - CRP-006

Broadspectrum Gelato .5ml Cartridge - CRG-007

Full Spectrum .5ml Cartridge - Pineapple Express 1-1-19

Full Spectrum .5ml Cartridge - Pineapple Express MB2019062003

Full Spectrum .5ml Cartridge - Pineapple Express PEC045

Full Spectrum .5ml Cartridge - Trainwreck 1-1-19

Full Spectrum .5ml Cartridge - Trainwreck MB20190620002

Full Spectrum .5ml Cartridge - Trainwreck TWC041

Full Spectrum .5ml Cartridge - Super Lemon Haze 1-1-19

Full Spectrum .5ml Cartridge - Super Lemon Haze MB20190620005

Full Spectrum .5ml Cartridge - Super Lemon Haze - SLC044

Full Spectrum .5ml Cartridge - Strawberry Cheesecake -1-1-19

Full Spectrum .5ml Cartridge - Strawberry Cheesecake SCC042

Full Spectrum .5ml Cartridge - Gelato - GLC043

Full Spectrum .5ml Cartridge - Bluedream bdc-051-0919



Soak In It Bath Salt

50mg and 100mg


Drop It On Full Spectrum

500mg 11-29-18

500mg batch 50GT-022

500mg batch MB20190620006

500mg batch TRVR-0719-0500

500mg batch DRP-500-0919

500mg batch DRP-11111-500

500mg batch DRP-1120-500


1000mg 11-29-18

1000mg batch 10GT-023

1000mg batch TRVR-0719-1000

1000mg batch VPRZ-0720-1000

1000mg batch 0921-1000

1000mg batch drp-1120-1000


1500mg 11-29-18

1500mg batch TRVR-0719-1500

1500mg batch VPRZ-0720-1500

1500mg batch 0923-1500

1500mg batch 11119-1500

1500mg batch 1120-1500


2500mg - batch 250GT-025

2500mg - batch TRVR-0719-2500

2500mg - batch VPRZ-0802-2500

2500mg - batch 0923-2500

2500mg - batch drp-1120-2500


5000mg - batch 11119-5000

5000mg - batch drp-1120-5000


1000mg Isoterp - batch ISO-819-1000

1500mg Isoterp - batch ISO-819-1500

2500mg Isoterp- batch ISO-11109-2500

Drop It On Relaxation Formula

Batch Drp-rlx-11119-750

Batch vprz-rlx-0520

Drop It On for Pets Broad Spectrum

300mg - 3PT-023

300mg - PT300-0919

600mg - 6PT-024

Chew On It Gummy Squares

CBD Isolate 300mg

CBD Isolate 300mg - 10Igm-004

Full Spectrum 300mg

Chew On It Mint Candy

300mg mints 12-14-18

750mg mints 12-14-18

Rub It On

250mg Invigorating Mint Salve

250mg Invigorating Mint Salve - MPB-006

500mg Invigorating Mint Salve 

500mg Invigorating Mint Salve- MPB-005

500mg Invigorating Mint Salve - MPB-026

500mg Calming Citrus Massage Oil - batch msg500-830

1000mg Calming Citrus Massage Oil

1000mg Calming Citrus Massage Oil - batch msg1000-830


200mg - Pain roller - Batch MR0-008

500mg Arnigreen Salve

1000mg Arnigreen Salve

CBD Hemp Flower

Strain: Fiona

Strain: Pink Panther

Strain: Lifter

Strain: Lifter 2019

Strain: Space Candy

Strain: Space Candy 2019

Strain: Dixie Otto 2

Strain: Special Sauce

Strain: Honolulu Haze

Strain: Casino Cookies

Strain: Berry Exotic #2

Strain: Suver Haze

Strain: Cherry Wine 

Strain: Hawaiian Haze 

Strain: The Mother's

Strain: Cherry Blossom


Frost Blue Muscle Gel

Artic Heat Muscle Gel

Buddha Dew

Batch BDW-819-300

Dark Chocolate

Full Spectrum - drk-fs-0919

VA Finest CBD Oil

1000mg Peppermint

1000mg Natural

1000mg Good Night

1000mg Calming

1000mg Good Morning

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