Drop It On - Isoterp Zero THC

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VC Naturalz Drop It On Isoterp is a broad spectrum zero THC sublingual oil.  Isoterp uses 99.9% pure CBD oil along with ~2% natural hemp terpenes for the added entourage effect.

*Please note due to the high percentage of hemp terpenes, this sublingual oil has a earthy taste.

Ingredients: MCT, 99.9% CBD Oil, Hemp Terpenes


Place oil under tongue (sublingual) for 60 seconds then swallow. DO NOT VAPE THIS PRODUCT.

The avg daily recommended dosage is between 20-25mg a day.  Adjust your dosage as needed.  To achieve 25mg using  the 1000mg bottle, use .75ml to achieve 25mg.  Using the 1500mg bottle, use .5ml of oil to achieve 25mg.